Outlawz street Gang Ties

outlaw gang affiliationThe Outlawz are best known for being on songs and rolling with Tupac. Tupac was a huge name in the music industry and people knew him all around the world. With this fame comes a lot of notoriety, jealousy, dislike and hatred.

The Outlawz through affiliation were tied to all the negativity as well in the music industry, street life and street gangs.

Most notable is their relationship with Tupac and Death Row Records.

Gang Ties

Suge Knight the CEO of Death Row was said to be a Blood Gang Member. He was raised in Compton, California and became one of the 90’s most feared and respected music industry moguls.

Suge grew up on the East side of Compton, in the gang area ran by the Mob Pirus, which is a Blood gang in Compton.

By the mid 1990’s Tupac was his biggest artist, and the Outlawz were featured on tons of his songs. Kadafi¬†was featured on Tupacs All eyez on me Album and the Outlawz were on other numerous tracks as well.

In 1996 Tupac was shot, a lot of people pitted the east coast rappers against the west coast rappers, but it was also a big gang rivalry behind it. Suge reps the bloods and a lot of people say that the crips were the ones who killed and shot Tupac. Till this day it is still an unsolved mystery.

The Bloods

On tracks the outlawz were a very political rap group. They talked a lot about race, inequality and other topics most rappers weren’t talking about at the time.

On a lot of the songs, they talked about MOB, which they claimed meant money over bitches. In the whole street gang community it means the members of bloods.

At the time, the blood and crip feud was very much a problem in the rap game. If you were a member of the bloods you were always beefing with the crips.


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