Members of the Outlawz: E.D.I

outlawz ediE.D.I is a member of the Outlawz rap group. EDI or Malcolm Greenridge met a friend in the third grade who would change his life in the future. Malcolm met “kastro” who is also a member of the outlaws, Kastro is cousins with the very famous rapper Tupac Shakur.

Early Career

Early on in the game, EDI, Kastro and Tupacs god brother Kadafi formed a rap group called Thoro Headz which changed to Young thugs.

At the same time, Tupacs fame was rising and had become a huge name in the music industry. The 3 rappers were featured on Tupacs song Holla if ya hear me which released in 1993.

In 1994 Napoleon joined the group which was then named Dramacydal. Dramacydal was featured on the Me against the world LP by Tupac.

The Outlawz

1995 marked a new chapter in E.D.I’s career, with himself and a number of other rappers, including tupac, they fromed the Outlaw Immortalz, which then changed to outlawz.

In 1996 EDI was featured on Tupacs album All eyez on me and EDi was on three of the tracks, which included: Tradin war stories, when we ride and thug passion.

That same year Tupac and the Outlawz released Hit em up, which was another diss track towards the bad boy camp, chino xl, and mobb deep.

On September 7, 1996 Tupac was fatally shot in a drive by in Las vegas. Tupacs death has been attributed to street gang violence

In November 1996, The Don Killuminati: The 7 day theory dropped and EDI appeared on multiple tracks again.

Kadafi was also fatally shot in the head in November of 1996.

The outlawz eventually released an album of their own in 1998 called Still I rise, which did very well.

In 1999 the outlawz then started Outlaw Recordz and released their second and third studio albums.

EDI still continues to make tracks and create and produce records.

You can check out his official facebook page here

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